European Association for the Standardization of In (ECMA)

Name Mr. S. Statt
Position President
Address Rue du Rhône 114, CH-1204 Genève
Phone +41-22-849 60 00
Fax +41-22-849 60 01

Activity summary:

The purpose of European Association for the Standardization of Information and Communication Systems is: to develop, in co-operation with the appropriate national, European and international organisations as a scientific endeavour and in the general interest standards and technical reports in order to facilitate and standardise the use of information processing telecommunication systems -to encourage the correct use of standards by influencing the environment in which they are applied - to promulgate various standards applicable in the functional design and use of information processing and telecommunication systems.
Promulgation of ECMA Standards and Technical Reports requires approval by at least two-thirds of all the ordinary members.