International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufac (IFPMA)

Name Dr. Harvey E. Bale
Position Director General
Address Rue de Saint-Jean 30, CH-1211 Genève 18
Phone +41-22-338 32 00
Fax +41-22-338 32 99

Activity summary:

The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association represents the research-based pharmaceutical industry and other manufacturers of prescription medicines, world wide. It is the main channel of communication between this sector of the industry and the World Health Organisation as well as other international organisations that are concerned with health related issues.
The members of IFPMA are national pharmaceutical industry associations in over 50 countries in both the industrialised and developing countries. The conditions for membership of the Federation include commitments by the association, on behalf of its members to good manufacturing practices and acceptance of the provisions of the IFPMA Code of Pharmaceutical Marketing Practice.