World Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA)

Name Ms. Monica Zetzsche
Position President
Address L’Ancienne-Route 16, CH-1218 Grand-Saconnex
Phone +41-22-929 60 40
Fax +41-22-929 60 44

Activity summary:

The World Young Women’s Christian Association is committed to empowering women to fill their role in their communities, their nations, and the world. Of all international organisations, the YWCA has the longest history of training, advocating, and supporting social and economic development for women, and a basis of experience in over 90 countries of the world. Self-sufficiency and self-reliance are concepts rooted in the YWCA experience. The World YWCA, working at the national, local and community levels, encourages processes and activities that pronounce better human, social and economic conditions for women.