World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)

Name Dr. Claude Martin
Position Director General
Address Avenue de Mont-Blanc 27, CH-1196 Gland
Phone +41-22-364 92 92
Fax +41-22-364 48 92

Activity summary:

The World Wide Fund for Nature (originally called the World Wildlife Fund) was created in 1961 and has become the world’s largest private conservation organisation, whose aims is to conserve the natural environment and ecological processes essential to life on earth, and to preserve the abundance and diversity of life on earth. WWF works in conjunction with governments, other NGOs, scientists, business, industry and people at the local level in pursuit of its aims. Since its inception, WWF has invested in more than 11’000 projects in 149 countries. Using its national offices, it works with the general public to generate more public awareness of conservation issues, spotlighting crucial issues by launching high-visibility international campaigns.