Centre for Applied Studies in International Negoti (CASIN)

Name Prof. Jean F. Freymond
Position Director
Address Avenue de la Paix 11A, CH-1202 Genève
Phone +41-22-734 89 50
Fax +41-22-733 64 44
E-mail Freymond@hei.unige.ch

Activity summary:

The activities of the Centre for Applied Studies in International Negotiations, created in 1979 in Geneva, are concerned with the entire spectrum of issues related to the governance of modern societies and the international system. They are based on a concept linking together the constellation of issues faced by national societies and the international system, the stakeholders involved and instruments of governance such as negotiation, good offices, mediation, conciliation or dialogue allowing these partners to find mutually acceptable solutions.
CASIN is a private non-profit foundation and is financed by public and private contributions, seminar and course registration fees, and revenues derived from other activities.